Tali Photography and Film Wedding Tips: Choosing your Wedding Flowers

Finding the befitting flowers for your wedding can be a hassle, whether it is choosing the ideal type, or wondering what colour. But not to fret! We at Team Tali Photography and Film have produced a quick guide to classic wedding flower choices that should make your planning a little bit easier


One of the most popular choices for weddings, a classic option that has been metaphorically related to love and romance.

Roses are available in a multitude of colours beyond red, and come in many different variants! There are at least 24 shades of roses (all as stunning as the well-renowned classic red rose) and with over 3,000 variants to chose from, a rose could be the perfect option for your wedding!

The most common variants of roses consist of Hybrid Tea roses, which come in numerous bright colours and shades. Most frequently, the paler shades are chosen, such as lighter pinks and beiges, in addition to differed shades of white. Spray roses are also a fantastic choice for autumn themed weddings. This variant of rose consists of smaller buds which cluster on a single branch or stem. For weddings, the popular choices of colours are pinks, oranges and creams as these make for stunning photographs and look great for close ups.



A stunning flower with a cluster of bushy heads. Hydrangeas are most commonly used for bouquets or table arrangements but will look great in your wedding photos because they will add a pop of colour.

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Don’t fancy having this particular flower as a centrepiece? No problem! They make excellent boutonnieres. Hydrangeas come in a variety of colours, shifting from pale greens and whites, to bright pinks, purples and blues!


With its lovely strong scent and petals, Peonies make excellent table centre pieces and are generally used for decoration purposes rather than for bouquets. Nonetheless, this particularly lovely flower comes in many colours, most commonly the pink peonies, could be exactly what you’re looking for! Peonies tend to be available from late spring to early summer.


While not often used at weddings, orchids exhibit a unique twist on your choice of flowers. Be it for decorations or bouquets, Orchids can be draped and twirled to how you see fit. Fancy a bit a colour? Orchids come in hues of deep pink and purple.

If you are going for a more classic and elegant look, then Orchids also come in pale greens and whites. From wedding videos or photos, Orchids are often as as small accessories as their colours can be soft.

Although there is a standard “type” of Orchid, there are different variants you can use depending on how you want them to look for you wedding. Vanda whole sale Orchids are unique looking with larger hanging petals while Moth Orchids are a rare sight at weddings with their stunning wispy petals that bear semblance to the wings of a moth, giving an ethereal effect.

Clusters and mixes

Still couldn’t decide on what type of flowers you want?

Well maybe you don’t need to make a choice! You can always mix and match different flowers for bouquets or centrepieces, but make sure you pay attention to the blooming season of the flowers!

Some flowers can only be harvested during certain seasons and most flowers that are harvested out of season will be done at a higher price.