Tali Photography and Film Wedding Tips: Seasonal Flower Choices

Still looking for the perfect bouquet? Or just don’t know what flowers are best for the season of your wedding? Here at Team Tali Photography and Film, we have created a useful list of top choices of flowers through the seasons!

  • Anemone - An alluring flower that can resemble a poppy but with a variety of colours such as: pink, mauve, purple and deep blue.

  • Hyacinth - Perfect for light and airy weddings as this flower can be found in many pastel colours: pinks, creams, salmons, china blues and lilacs. This flower can also be found in dark shades of deep blue.

  • Ranculcus - If you want bright and colourful, then this might be the best choice for your wedding! This flower has luxurious big petals and comes in amazing bright shades of yellows, oranges, peaches, gold, dark pinks, reds and burgundy. However, if you wish for lighter colours, it also can be found in white, pale pinks and pale yellows.

  • Lilac - A simple flower for spring time with subtle hues of deep lilac and paler hues of pinks and white.

  • Lily Of The Valley -Though these flowers are only available for a few months in early spring, they will add an enchanting touch for white weddings as this flower is more on the paler side of the colour spectrum, offering you ivory white and pale rose pink colours.

  • Gardenia - A classic flower that has a strong scent. Perfect for bouquets. This flower is most popular in white and cream colours.

  • Freesia - If you are looking for something that is a bit more lush yet elegant, then this would be a wonderful choice as it comes in many different colours aside from white! Including yellows, oranges, reds, blue, pinks and purples. This flower also has a sweet smell that fills the room.

  • Orchids - Coming in different varieties and sizes, these can add the touch of elegance to your wedding that you’ve been looking for. Though it’s good to keep in mind that every type of Orchid comes with it’s own different scent! So if you choose for a Vanda Orchid, it will have a different scent from the Cattleya orchid. Most Orchids share their colours, coming in whites and pale greens, along with brighter hues of pinks and deep purples.

  • Iris - If you’re looking for a quirky yet colourful touch, then this will could be the one for you. Normally associated with it’s bright purple/blue hue, most people forget that the Iris actually comes in other varieties! Iris's can be found in pinks, yellows and white and can even contain mixtures or ombre colouring.

  • Delphiniums - More of a stem or stalk like flower, these can be used for decoration purposes for the isle and make quite the impact. Most common colours are soft shades of blue and purples, that sometimes blend into one another but you can also find them in lighter pinks or even white. These are perfect for if you want to add a touch of colour.

  • Roses - A classic choice for summer weddings (or all year round) but can also be ordered all year round with a slight increase in price. Roses are offered in a wide variety of styles and colours, so depending on the colour pallet you have chosen for you wedding, you will find the perfect rose that will suit your theme!

  • Dahlia - This flower has stunning petals that offer symmetry. For warm autumn vibes, Dahlias come in colours such as deep reds, warm oranges and peaches, and even vibrant pinks! Certain variants of the flower also had two tones to offer more of a spectacular effect.

  • Lilies - though there are many different sorts, the most common ones used for weddings are the Stargazer Lily and the Double Lily. Both carry a unique and stunning look to them, with bright colours of different oranges, apricots, blush and peaches, all the way to deeper colours such as crimson, cherry, and darker pinks.

  • Cornflower - If you’re looking to add a pop of colour amongst your colour pallet, then this does just that. With its vibrant blue hues, cornflowers make excellent bouquets when combined with warmer, darker flowers such as Dahlias or roses. They can also be dried to make interesting boutonnieres

  • Clematis Vines - Though more of a vine, these offer a subtle touch of colour to your wedding. These can be laid over walls or chairs for decoration, or even wound up to use for your bouquet. Offered in hues of pinks and purples, they do nicely next to warmer coloured flowers.

  • Berries - while these are not flowers, stems or branches of berries make excellent fillers for your wedding bouquet or centrepieces. They can add a touch of wilderness and nature, dried blackberries, snow berries and even hypericum berries are excellent choices.

  • Narcissi - Most commonly found in whites or hues of yellow, you may also get Narcissi variants in hues of orange, pinks, and even purples. With bell like petals, they can add a touch of wonder to your winter weddin

  • Veronica - This can be a visual combination of lavender and bluebells. With its tall stalk and budding blue/pink petals. If you fancy a simple colour, then you can also get them in white! Or for a more deeper colour pop, then Burgundy or wine red variants are available too.

  • Ferns - use this soft to touch plant as a filler for your bouquet. With long and almost fluffy stems, ferns are great to use amongst other flowers and add the hints of green to winter weddings.

  • Dried Ivy Berries - twigs filled with lovely blue-black berries that contrast again white flower arrangements, but also pop amongst reds and blues. A simple touch of a berry that can give your wedding a unique twist.

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-Team Tali Photography & Film