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'My goal is to employ my documentary style filming and capture your special day in a modern, authentic and cinematic way.

To tell an authentic story, your story in such a way that evokes the emotions of your big day all over again and gives you goosebumps every time you watch it.

My team and I work in a way that means we view your big day as our big day.

We invest ourselves into each and every wedding like it is our very own and this fact is evident in our authentic, documentary style film of your special  day.

It is of the utmost importance to me that we meet with our clients before your special day, we get to know who you are and then we carefully craft your love story into something that you will cherish and have to share for years to come.


Your wedding video should invoke the emotions, feelings and details of the event like no other memento you have from the big day.


This keepsake will be forever and it would be our pleasure to be the ones who create it for you.'



Perfect social media gems showcasing your day in about a minute edit. 


An extended-cut highlight video is video which features portions of your vows, speeches and other important bits of your day. The highlights video uses multiple songs to capture the essence of your day in an authentic and meaningful way. It is more cineamatic and movie like, rather than the "music video" style Highlight Video.


What is a cinematic style? An authentic cinematic style uses low depth-of-field, rich saturation of colours and a slower frame rate than television. It gives your wedding video that magic look you only see on big budget films. It's all about the technique used for shooting, and my team and I know how to get it.


Your high-definition video is delivered digitally with a private link to share with your love ones. 

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